“Skillfully Crafted and Wittily Observed”

Sally Stott, The Scotsman on ‘Somebody’

“Incredible, heart breaking and frighteningly real”

The 730 Review on ‘Funeral Flowers’

“Important and hard-hitting theatre”

Fringe Guru on ‘Next Time’

“An unforgettable, intense experience… one of the highlights of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe”

British Theatre on ‘Funeral Flowers’

“Impassioned, urgent storytelling”

To Do List on ‘Funeral Flowers’

Fringe Review Outstanding Show, An intimate experience… compelling and serious drama”

on ‘Next Time’


Sit-Up Award for The Empty Chair 


Filipa Bragança Award

for Funeral Flowers 


Scotsman Fringe First 

for Funeral Flowers 

It is not enough for to only critique theatre’s status quo: it has always been essential to also create dynamic, unusual opportunities for female and non-binary theatre makers.


The theatre we are fired up by is immersive and socially engaged to its bones. It knows that what it says and does has the power to change things - including, but not limited to, the audience’s view of the world.

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